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Investigating a Claim

Investigating a Claim

1.Send an internal memo to MCI regarding any accident facts that cannot be included on the Visual Liquid Web (VLW) submission.

2. Send any internal investigation paperwork to the benefit coordinator by uploading the information through VLW.

3. Obtain a written statement from the employee regarding the accident.

4. Send all bills, medical reports, and work status forms to the MCI benefit coordinator immediately. The fastest way to get the information in our electronic file is to upload documents via VLW.  Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1140
Richmond,VA 23218-1140

5. If there are witnesses or co-workers with relevant information, please provide their contact information to the Benefit Coordinator. This information may be added as an annotation within VLW.

6. Discuss second employer information with the employee and benefit coordinator.

7. Discuss prior medical history if applicable, i.e., was the injured worker able to perform his full duty position prior to this incident?

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