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Employee Recognition

To provide superior service to our customers, MC Innovations formed a team with different providers of workers’ compensation claim management services. MCI developed high standards to differentiate our service from other organizations and selected the partners as the “best of the best” for their respective services. To exhibit a Team approach, the program for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Office of Workers’ Compensation operates under the name MC Innovations or MCI.

The MCI team partners subscribe to the following core values:

• All MCI Team members are Motivated to Excellence
• We are Customer Focused
• We will provide Timely and Effective Communication
• We must have Creativity and Vision for the future
• We will at all times act with Professionalism and Respect

  • Nominating an Employee

    MCI wants to acknowledge individual as well as group efforts from the MCI Team members who are Motivated to Excellence. A process for recognition has been developed.

    Recognition is given for performance that exceeds expectations of the customer in the areas of:

    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Customer Service
    • Exceptional Performance
    • Continuous Improvement

    All MCI Team member employees in the delivery of services to the Commonwealth of Virginia Workers’ Compensation Program are eligible to participate. On a quarterly basis, nominations will be reviewed and framed Certificates awarded to individuals meeting the criteria. As a token of appreciation, MCI provides a lunch for the recipient.To nominate an employee, fill out the form to the right. The nomination will send an e-mail to MCI management and an acknowledgement response to the sender will be made.

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