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Finding a PPO Provider

FInding a PPO Provider

To find a provider in the PPO network, go to the Careworks website

You can search for a provider by name, address or region.

By Name – Enter a doctor’s name or a Group Affiliation along with a city and state. You may also enter the provider’s federal tax identification number (TIN) or phone number.

By Address – Enter a valid zip code or city and state along with the desired address. You may enter the desired provider type and speciality.

By Region – Search for providers in geographic regions (city, county, state or zip code).

After entering your search parameters, select the Find Providers or Display Provider Count” button toward the bottom of the page. 

If you need help navigating the search tool or need assistance with locating a provider, please contact our network partner, CareWorks, at or by calling (800) 734-4460 – Option 1.

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