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New and improved VLW-Employer Accident Report Portal

Friday, January 11, 2019

You asked, we listened!  WCS and MCI are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved VLW-Employer Accident Report Portal planned to go live on Thursday, January 10th.  Over the years we developed a catalog of changes for which agencies and other internal users asked to improve the user experience.  We believe you will find the new application and the enhancements intuitive and an improvement over the existing VLW.

Attached are some helpful tools for your transition to the new application.

  1. Complete VLW Manual
  2. VLW Employer Accident Report Quick User Guide

Some of the new features include:

  • York rebranding and change in color scheme:
  • Improved sorting capabilities.
  • Ability for named users/system administrators to upload claim-related documents and files at the time of claim creation, as well as over the course of the life of the claim.
  • Ability for named users/system administrators to add claim related notes or annotations to the claim file.  The notes will be available in the claim file for the claim team to review.
  • More autofill of employer and employee information.
  • Improved highlighting of required fields.
  • COV job titles have been cross-walked to the appropriate NCCI occupation classification, eliminating the need to search for an NCCI code.
  • Automated reminders of forms pending submission.
  • Search functionality.

While we are excited about all of the enhancements, we are especially excited about the enhancements that allow named users to upload claim related documents and add annotations or claim notes (see pages 42-44 of the manual for more details).  As you read through the manual, we ask you to keep a couple of key points in mind:

  1. When uploading documents they should be uploaded separately.  Do not bundle multiple types of documents or claims.  For example, a medical note(s) should be uploaded and the file type and description noted as such, without any non-medical notes included. A wage chart being uploaded the same day should be uploaded separately and described as a wage statement.
  2. While named users are encouraged to upload claim-related documents through the application, please keep in mind that what you uploaded is not stored within the FROI portal.  Users accustomed to keeping copies of what is provided to MCI, will need to continue to do so by whatever means you typically use.
  3. As you start using these tools, please remember that if you uploaded a document or added an annotation, that you are no longer required to send the same information by mail or email (either directly to the benefit coordinator or to covimaging).  Only sending/receiving once will save time for all of us!

While we think the application is easy to navigate and intuitive, we plan to release recorded training for the application next week should you wish to take a refresher and for orientation of new users.  We will provide a link pointing you to the training and will make it available in the Learning Center.  In the meantime, if you have any questions on the application and features feel free to contact York Technical Support at 800.913.5651.

We are excited to offer you this improved accident reporting tool and are sure that as you begin to work in the application, explore the manual and listen to the training, you will discover other helpful enhancements!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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