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VWC notices on pre-October 2008 claims

Saturday, May 19, 2012 View Comments Comments (0)
You may have recently seen a number of notices from the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission on old claims with dates of injury before October 2008.  Have you wondered why?  So did we!  We investigated with the VWC and wanted to pass on what we found.
Beginning in October 2008, the VWC required that all new claims and all their related "transactions" such as name and address changes, new agreements and so on be filed electronically.  All older claims transactions continued to be filed in paper.  Now the VWC is ready to move those legacy paper claims into the electronic or EDI process.  All carriers and self-insurers are required to comply by July 5, 2012, but we are currently in the voluntary compliance period.  MCI recently filed a large EDI submission of legacy claims dating back to the mid-1980’s. 
According to the VWC, an anomaly occurred within their EDI system which triggered the generation of multiple notices on these older claims where any current information does not match the information in the VWC’s paper files (remember that some of these claims were filed over two decades ago).  This has caused a very large influx of notices to both our claims unit and agencies.  We understand the problem affected other carriers, self-insurers and employers as well.  Once the problem was identified, the VWC temporarily turned off their notification generator to allow the completion of the EDI submission process on these legacy claims.   MCI will address any needed changes from the notices already received through the EDI process and there should not be any action needed from you on most of these pre-October 2008 claim notices.


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