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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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The ABCs to Improving Disability Approvals

Saturday, May 19, 2012 View Comments Comments (0)
Have you ever been frustrated by disability approvals or reimbursement of indemnity benefits to your agency that are issued based on inaccurate information?  Have you ever spoken with a Benefit Coordinator and realized that they don't have the information that you have?  It takes real teamwork between the Agencies, Benefit coordinators, and the VSDP Coordinator – the Disability ABCs - to ensure that information flows quickly to facilitate timely and accurate approvals on a claim.
MCI Benefit Coordinators are not only responsible for timely and accurate payment of workers' compensation benefits, but for those employees receiving occupational VSDP benefits, they are also responsible for providing disability approval to Reed so that Reed can issue Action reports.  In fact, our program's VSDP Coordinator is dedicated to facilitating the complicated flow of information between WCS and VRS. 
What can you do to help the process?  Develop processes within your organization to  assure that all disability slips, workers' compensation leave slips, medical notes, internal investigative notes and the like are promptly provided to you.  Then, the faster you can get the information to us, the faster and more accurate service we can provide to you, to the injured worker and to the VSDP program resulting in timely reimbursement to your agency, timely and accurate updates from MCI to Reed for action reports, fewer telephone calls to you and less confusion for your injured workers!


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