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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Supplementary Report

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Many of you have probably noticed that the Supplementary Report can no longer be found on the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission website. That's because it is no longer a required or recognized form of the VWCC.  What this means for your agency is that MCI no longer requires the utilization of this form either!  While the form is not required, the communication of various changes in work status, which results in lost time or return to work, is still vitally important to the management of your employee's workers' compensation claim.  Immediate notification of the following is the key to ensuring accurate payments to your agency and the injured worker:
* An injured worker's lost time from work
* An injured worker's return to work at either full duty or modified duty
* A change in an injured worker's earnings
* A change in an injured worker's employment status
* A change in the number of hours an injured worker works
You are also welcome to keep reporting lost time and return to work via the Supplementary Report. The choice is all yours.  For those of you electing to continue using the Supplementary Report you can find the form on in our Forms Library.


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