Commonwealth of Virginia Workers' Compensation Services
Sunday, July 15, 2018
Total Program Management


The Program has proven successful in a number of measures in fiscal year 2017:
Subrogation recoveries totaled just over $1,063,000
Provider Gateway – Medical providers can now enroll via a secure provider site to look up bill payment status.
Customer Satisfaction Survey - Again this year we posted strong performance, with 91% of those responding rating MCI as 6 or better on a 10 point scale.  
Return-to-work Rate - This marks eight consecutive years with RTW rates of either 98 or 99 percent. In FY17 98% of those released to work actually returned to work. 
Cost Avoidance - Cost avoidance for FY17 totaled $3,179,117 compared to $1,521,281 in FY16.  The program has achieved cost avoidance over actuarial projections in this model from FY09 through FY17 totaling $25,967,520.
Disability Duration - In FY17 we reduced average disability duration to 36.58 days, a reduction of 7.14 days or 16.33%.