Commonwealth of Virginia Workers' Compensation Services
Monday, November 18, 2019
Total Program Management

Virginia Learning Center

The Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center is your resource for training and information on all of your workers’ compensation needs. You will find a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities designed to promote both professional and personal growth. There are programs containing “how to” information helpful to supervisors and injured workers for navigating the many necessary steps for reporting and managing a workers’ compensation injury. Additionally, training modules are available for guidance on Return-to-Work, Loss Control techniques and resources, training for new employees, and tips on how to avoid being injured at work.  

Current Training and Development Opportunities

Accident Investigation for Supervisors (2 Modules)
This course, presented in two modules, is designed to help agency managers and supervisors understand the importance of conducting workers’ compensation claim accident investigations following an incident in the workplace. The course provides helpful tips for the accident investigation process and discusses ways you can help speed the claims process.
Administering Your Workers' Compensation Benefits
This course focuses on administering your workers' compensation benefits. Emphasis is placed on notification requirements, employers' responsibilities, and how to submit Workers' Compensation required documents. This course will also discuss the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act and its areas of coverage: injuries by accident, occupational diseases, and ordinary diseases of life.
Agency Responsibilities and Program Overview
This course covers the agency’s responsibilities in regards to workers’ compensation and provides an overview of the Workers’ Compensation Services program. The module also provides a syllabus of other Workers' Compensation courses.
How to Use the WCS Prescription Drug Program - For Injured Workers
WCS Prescription Drug Program for the Injured Worker - The Commonwealth of Virginia offers you a discounted pharmacy benefit program through MC Innovations and First Script Network Services, for your work-related injuries. This training module contains some highlights of the First Script Pharmacy Benefit Program in order to help make your understanding of the process clearer.
Intro to Loss Control Programs
This course provides information on the loss control services that are provided to insured Commonwealth of Virginia agencies under the Workers' Compensation Program. These services include various measures to support and strengthen agency efforts to reduce and/or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.
MC Innovations
As the general contractor to the Department of Human Resource Management Workers' Compensation Services, MC Innovations contracts and oversees a team of twelve different businesses that provide specialized services that assist with the processing and management of an injured worker's claim.
New Safety Officer Training (5 Modules)
This course is designed to provide the basic skill training needed by agency personnel newly assigned to the duties of Agency Safety Officer. Presented in five modules, topics include the basics of safety, an introduction to the OSHA Act and how it affects state agencies, how to set priorities and goals using trend analysis, conducting safety audits, and accident investigations.
Module 1: Tools for Success
Module 2: Accident Investigations
Module 3: Tracking Accident Trends
Module 4: How to Conduct Safety Audits
Module 5: Utilizing Job Safety Analysis
OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting (4 Modules)
ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE? This on-line course consists of four modules covering Subparts A through G of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard, 29 CFR 1904 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness. This course is designed for agency representatives who have responsibility for recording injuries and illnesses on OSHA’s end-of-year summary. Content includes discussion of the OSHA 300 log and summary. Credit for this course counts toward the HRI.
Safe, Successful, Strategic Return to Work Strategies (2 Modules)
This session will discuss the key elements of strategies that HR needs to consider when taking a proactive approach in bringing injured workers back to transitional or full duty. A discussion on the importance of physical demands and good communication with the treating physician will be explored. There are times when employees will encounter obstacles and barriers when returning to work and a solution-based approach will be discussed to help overcome these pitfalls.
Safe, Successful, Strategic Return-to-Work Approaches - Part I - Overview
Safe, Successful, Strategic Return-to-Work Approaches - Part II - Key Steps in the Return-to-Work Process
Safety Tips for Teleworkers
This program will help educate teleworkers on typical safety hazards encountered while working from an alternative work location.
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
This program provides an overview on how to prevent slip, trip, and fall injuries.
Supervisors - What You Need to Know When an Injury Occurs
This presentation is intended to assist the supervisor with the necessary steps to take when an employee is injured at work. The course highlights all you need to know - from the first days out of work, prescription cards, to transitional duty.
Understanding the Prescription Drug Program for Supervisors
The Commonwealth of Virginia offers your injured worker a discounted pharmacy benefit program through MC Innovations and First Script Network Services, for work-related injuries. This module features information on the use of the First Script Pharmacy Benefit Program and how it applies to your role as a supervisor.
Understanding WC-What an Injured Worker Needs to Know
What an Injured Worker Needs to Know is intended to assist Virginia state agency employees understand the process of a workers' compensation claim.
Workers' Compensation Agency Manual (8 Modules)
This on-line Workers’ Compensation Procedure Claim Manual is designed to provide the agency representative with basic information on how to manage workers’ compensation claims. The manual is divided into eight modules covering twelve chapters.